International Studies Degree Requirements

Students are required to complete degree requirements successfully according to the following procedures:

Level One:

Successful completion of graduate course work.

Level Two:

Successful completion of the Department Graduate Comprehensive Examination and Foreign Language Proficiency 

Level Three:

Exit Options: Thesis, Study Abroad, Internship, etc.

 General Requirements

Students are required to complete thirty-three (33) credit hours of course work, successfully pass a comprehensive examination, and fulfill one of the exit options listed below. All exit options include a substantial writing project. Thesis guidance credits (i.e., INST 797) shall not be included as part of the 33 credits needed to satisfy degree requirements. The distribution of the 33 credits is listed below:

  • Core Courses: 15 credits
  • Program Concentration: 12 credits
  • Electives: 6 credits
  • Total Requirements: 33 Credits

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