The Anthropology Track

Sociolology majors may concentrate their elective credits within Anthropology. The Anthropology track prepares students to enter the world with a broad understanding of how it operates and to have tolerance of and appreciation for different people and diverse ways of life. Moreover, it can prepare them for careers in anthropology or graduate studies in Anthropology. Students choosing to concentrate their elective courses in Anthropology may choose from the following classes:

SOCI 307 Population Science: Demography

SOCI 311 Introduction to Archaeology

SOCI 345 Anthropological Theory

SOCI 403 Ethnography of Selected Cultural Regions

SOCI 401 Forensic Anthropology

SOCI 409 Language and Society

SOCI 451 The Social Construction of Race

SOCI 453 Independent Study**

SOCI 454 Ethnographic Methods

SOCI 492 Applied Anthropology

SOCI 493 Globalization and Development 

 **Pre-approval required for enrollment in this course.