R. Trent  Haines

Assistant Professor


Dr. R. Trent HainesPh.D.     Educational Psychology, University of Kentucky
M.P.A.   Public Administration, Eastern Kentucky University
B.A.       Sociology, Asbury University

Dr. Haines joined the Morgan State University faculty as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology in 2010.  Prior to his time at Morgan, he was employed by the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center where he served as the Senior Postdoctoral Researcher for the Juvenile Justice Program in the School of Public Health and taught as an adjunct professor in the School of Nursing.  In addition, Dr. Haines has served as an instructor at the University of Kentucky and as an adjunct professor at the University of New Orleans.  Prior to earning his Ph.D., he led a nonprofit organization that served youth who were placed at risk of educational underachievement and involvement in the juvenile justice system. 

As an outgrowth of his professional service and training, Dr. Haines’ research revolves around the intersection of education, mental health, and youth violence as well as applications of the Rasch measurement model and statistics.  His long-term projects include the development and evaluation of instruments that measure emotions related to youth violence and the use of culturally-appropriate behavior management practices in public middle- and high-school classrooms.

In addition to teaching courses in the MSU Graduate Program in Psychometrics and the undergraduate Psychology major, Dr. Haines supervises graduate and undergraduate research and has been an active member of a number of doctoral dissertation committees throughout his post-doctoral career.

He is an active educational psychologist and began his involvement with the two largest professional organizations in his field, the American Psychological Association and the American Educational Research Association, in 2003. In addition to holding membership in these organizations, he has served as a reviewer for professional outlets such as the Journal of Experimental Education, the Journal of Adolescent Research, the Journal of African American Studies, and the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, among others.

Areas of Specialization:  educational psychology, Rasch measurement models, structural equation models, statistics, youth violence and delinquency prevention/intervention, and culturally-appropriate behavior management practices

Graduate Courses Taught:  Item Response Theory, General Linear Models, Categorical Data Analysis, and Thesis Guidance. 

Undergraduate Courses Taught:  Psychology of Learning, Youth Violence and Delinquency Prevention, Scientific Methods, Psychological Statistics I, Psychological Statistics II, Experimental Psychology, and Freshman Orientation.


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