University Closing

Morgan State will be closed on 3/05/15 due to impending inclement weather. Essential employees report as directed by supervisor.  Junior Writing Proficiency Exam is postponed.

Updated: 3/4/2015 8:59 PM - Inclement Weather Policy

Departmental Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

Educating the next generation of scholars in the behavioral and psychological sciences.

 Departmental Mission

The Mission of the Department of Psychology is consistent with the University's mission to serve a multiethnic and multiracial student body and to help ensure that the benefits of higher education are enjoyed by a broad segment of the population. Additionally, the Department of Psychology will provide a solid foundation and exceptional educational experience that emphasizes psychology as a scientific endeavor that seeks to understand behavior and mental processes in humans and animals and use the knowledge to make a difference in improving the human condition.


Departmental Goals

 The Department of Psychology strives to achieve the following goals:

 (1) Emphasize psychology as the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and expose students to the practical applications of this knowledge

(2) Provide a solid intellectual and academic foundation and skill set for advanced and professional study or entry into the workforce

(3) Enhance undergraduate experiences in psychology through internship and research programs designed to make relevant the course materials

(4) Serve a variety of curricular offerings that support the requirements emphasized as part of the liberal arts education within the University as well as satisfy the objectives of other programs.