Carrol S.  Perrino

Psychology Associate Professor


Carrol S. PerrinoPh.D.   Experimental Psychology, Northwestern University
M.S.     Experimental Psychology, Northwestern University
B.A.      Psychology, Syracuse University 

I arrived on the campus of Morgan State College early in July, 1968 and was amazed at its almost pastoral atmosphere while located in the middle of a major metropolitan city.  Compared to my former university, a large state school in upstate New York, Morgan offered a unique opportunity to interact with students eager to engage in the research process and colleagues dedicated to supporting the students in every way.   I have worked with many students and colleagues since those first impressions and always try to create the exciting engagement of the learning process whether in the introductory research course, Scientific Methods, the advanced research course, Experimental Psychology, the statistics sequence, Psychological Statistics I, II, or the independent research courses required of all our majors, Junior/Senior Seminar.  Teaching both research methods and statistics courses in the psychometrics graduate program has ensured that I keep current with advances in research methodologies as well as statistical analyses in not only psychology but in allied areas including public health, education, transportation and social work.  I have had the opportunity to work with colleagues at Morgan and across the country on projects as diverse as the evaluation of the impact of a motorcycle safety course and the factors that predict obesity in select urban communities, controlling for race.  I have served as department chair in psychology and have chaired and contributed to numerous committees both within the university and in the profession both locally and nationally..

Looking at real world problems and trying to find appropriate tools, quantitative as well as qualitative, to use to better understand the critical factors which sustain their continued existence, has been the motivating force throughout my academic career.  My current projects include an analysis of violence against girls from an international perspective, a comparison of factors influencing the graduation rates of minority serving vs majority serving institutions in states with historically segregated higher education systems, and establishing baseline data to characterize key factors (e.g. mentoring, family support, institutional development programs) that influence satisfaction and productivity of faculty, in both STEM and non- STEM fields, at Morgan.   

I am the adviser for the local chapter of Psi Chi and a member of several professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association (APA), Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) and Maryland Institutional Research (MdAir) with presentations of symposia and posters at the annual conferences.  As a member of the organizing committee to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the Department of Psychology, I encourage current and past graduates of our department to join us on April 22 for the Annual Mae P. Claytor/Martin Jenkins Student Research Symposia and on April 26th for the Gala and Induction into the Psychology Hall of Fame.

Celebrate 65 Years of Scholarship, Research, and Service:  Embracing the Past, Encouraging the Present and Empowering the Future.