Amber B.  Hodges

Associate Professor


Amber HodgesPh.D.     Biopsychology, Graduate School and University Center, CUNY
M.S.      Psychology, Graduate School and University Center, CUNY
B.S.       Bennett College 

Dr. Amber Hodges is an Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology.  Dr. Hodges joined the Morgan State University faculty in 2007.   She earned her doctorate in Biopsychology from the Graduate School and University Center, CUNY and completed a post-doctoral research appointment in the Department of Biology at Morgan State University.  As a faculty member, Dr. Hodges has collaborated with researchers at the Molecular  Neuropsychiatry Branch, NIDA/NIH  to investigate methamphetamine-induced neuroadaptations in a rat model.   This collaboration resulted in six peer-reviewed publications.  Additionally, in 2009,  she was selected as a fellow in the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) -Cohort I, funded by Quality Education for Minorities and the HBCU-UP/NSF.  As am LDI fellow, she was also a Visiting Professor at the CELEST, a NSF Science of Learning Center at Boston University. 

In the past year, Dr. Hodges has begun to pursue new research interests. In particular, she is interested in factors which impact the success of underrepresented, high achieving students in STEM .  In this vein, for the past two years, she has formed and mentored three cohorts of high achieving psychology majors who aim to attend graduate school.   Her goal is to expand these mentoring efforts into a Preprofessional Resource Center for STEM majors at Morgan State University.   In addition to her mentoring efforts, Dr Hodges was also selected as a Opportunities for Underrepresented Scholars (OURS) fellow and will be awarded a Post-Graduate Certificate for Academic Leadership in 2014. 

Area of Specialization:  undergraduate research training and development; mentoring; neuropharmacology

Courses Taught:  General Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Introduction to Behavioral Pharmacology, Freshman Orientation for Psychology Majors

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