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  • The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies hosted six Shepherd Consortium interns  at a pool party at Stoneleigh pool.
  • A reminder of the CFP for "Philosophy and HBCUs II: Philosophical Atheism and Communities of Faith" conference at Morgan State University in Spring 2013. Abstracts of between 500-1000 words are due by 12/01, and are to be sent to
    We invite papers on themes related to the intersection of philosophical atheism and communities of faith. While prominent atheists, humanists, and secularists
  • An interview with Joshua Miller and Joe Pettit on the question of evil with regard to the recent Cleveland kidnapping case can be found here: What Makes People Commit the Most Evil Acts?
  • An interview with Seth Vannatta and Chuck Klosterman about Seth Vannatta's new edited volume, Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal, can be found here: An interview with Seth Vannatta and Chuck Klosterman
  • Joe Pettit's op-ed in the Baltimore Sun: "Achievement Gap: It's still about race."
  • Joe Pettit recently contributed a piece on poverty in current political discourse here.

Service Opportunities: Baltimore Homeless Project Connect

Morgan State Philosophy and Religious Studies Faculty Blogs:

  • Joe Pettit's op-eds are collected here.

Group Blogs:

  • The New APPS blog is a group blog that takes up a variety of issues and has many commentators from different departments.
  • The New York Times has a blog devoted to philosophy: The Stone.
  • The Guardian's How to Believe series takes different figures from the history of philosophy and asks experts to write an accessible review of her work.
  • Feminist Philosophers is a blog by and for feminist philosophers.
  • Public Reason is a mostly analytic blog devoted to political philosophy.
  • New Books in Philosophy is a bi-monthly podcast on recent books published in the profession run by Robert Talisse and Carrie Figdor.
  • Crooked Timber is a group blog with philosophers and non-philosophers.
  • Philosophy TV! No kidding.
  • Prosblogion is a group blog in the philosophy of religion.

Single Author Blogs: