Public Philosophy

The Fall Colloquia Flyer is here :

Tuesday, September 8
9:30 AM USC 210
Dr. Harlan Beckley, Executive Director
Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty

An information session about the Shepherd Consortium work on poverty and poverty studies in higher education and at Morgan State University

11:00 AM USC 210
Chamaya Harris, Senor M.S.U. philosophy major and Shepherd Intern
Marquel Montue, Junior M.S.U. philosophy major and Shepherd Intern

Thursday, October 22
6 PM USC 315

Dr. Jacoby Carter, Associate Professor of Philosophy
John Jay College of Criminal JusticeTuesday,
"Race and Nationality: Inter-American Perspectives on Constructionism and Eliminativism"

Tuesday, November 10
11 AM, Holmes Hall 117

"Bio-political Epistemologies:
Liberal Government & the ‘Nature' of Bio-political Objects"

Dr. Kevin Jobe, Lecturer in Philosophy
Morgan State University

  • Stay tuned for a CFP for "Philosophy and HBCUs III," a conference at Morgan State University in Spring 2016. Once the conference theme is finalized, abstracts of between 500-1000 words will be due by 12/01, and are to be sent to
  • The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies hosted six Shepherd Consortium interns  at a pool party at Stoneleigh pool.
  • We invite papers on themes related to the intersection of philosophical atheism and communities of faith. While prominent atheists, humanists, and secularists
  • An interview with Joshua Miller and Joe Pettit on the question of evil with regard to the recent Cleveland kidnapping case can be found here: What Makes People Commit the Most Evil Acts?
  • An interview with Seth Vannatta and Chuck Klosterman about Seth Vannatta's new edited volume, Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal, can be found here: An interview with Seth Vannatta and Chuck Klosterman
  • Joe Pettit's op-ed in the Baltimore Sun: "Achievement Gap: It's still about race."
  • Joe Pettit recently contributed a piece on poverty in current political discourse here.

Service Opportunities: Baltimore Homeless Project Connect

Morgan State Philosophy and Religious Studies Faculty Blogs:

  • Joe Pettit's op-eds are collected here.

Group Blogs:

  • The New APPS blog is a group blog that takes up a variety of issues and has many commentators from different departments.
  • The New York Times has a blog devoted to philosophy: The Stone.
  • The Guardian's How to Believe series takes different figures from the history of philosophy and asks experts to write an accessible review of her work.
  • Feminist Philosophers is a blog by and for feminist philosophers.
  • Public Reason is a mostly analytic blog devoted to political philosophy.
  • New Books in Philosophy is a bi-monthly podcast on recent books published in the profession run by Robert Talisse and Carrie Figdor.
  • Crooked Timber is a group blog with philosophers and non-philosophers.
  • Philosophy TV! No kidding.
  • Prosblogion is a group blog in the philosophy of religion.

Single Author Blogs: