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Faculty Activity

·        The link to the YouTube Video of Dr. Serequeberhan's lecture on Continental and Africana philosophy is here.

·         The link to Seth Vannatta's forthcoming book, Conservatism and Pragmatism in Law, Politics, and Ethics is here.

·         Vadim Jigoulov will present "Let's Talk About It: Muslim Journeys" on several dates at the Enoch Pratt Free Library Calendar.  The schedule is here.

·         Listen to Tsenay Serequeberhan's podcast discussion of philosophy and Eurocentrism on the Marc Steiner Show here.

·         Joanna Crosby's and Seth Vannatta's new edited volume, The Wire and Philosophy, is available here: The Wire and Philosophy.

·         Seth Vannatta's edited volume, Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy: The Real and the Cereal, is available here:  Chuck Klosterman and Philosophy

·         An author interview with SethVannatta can be found here: Maley Books.

·         Five fantastic logic students are also state champions on the Morgan State Cheerleading team

      Conferences and Meetings
       ·        Philosophy and HCBUs Conference, April 26, 2014 The schedule is here.
Atlantic Coast Pragmatist Workshop, April 6, 2013
       ·        Philosophy and HBCUs Conference, November 10, 2012
       ·        Arendt Circle, 2012
       ·        Foucault Circle, 2010

       Colloquia for 2014

·       TBD

Philosophy Club

·        president, TBD

·         vice president, TBD

Philosophy Club Events

·        Alumni Visit, TBD