Dr. Mary Ann  Fay

Associate Professor; Honors Faculty; Graduate Faculty


Social and Cultural History of the Middle East; 18th and 19th-century Egypt; women and gender; the Modern Gulf

Ph.D. Georgetown Univ.


Undergraduate: History of the Islamic World; Historical Sources of Conflict in the Middle East; Modern Middle East; Feminist and Sexual Revolutions of the 20th Century; World History I & II (Honors) 

Graduate: Oral History

Select Publications

  • Unveiling The Harem: Elite Women and the Paradox of Seclusion in Eighteenth-Century Cairo (Syracuse UP, 2012). *2013 Honorable Mention from the Journal of Middle East Women's Studies
  • " '... and say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty': Teaching about Islam, Gender and the Law," in Roundtable on Using Legal Sources for Teaching Women's History, Journal of Women's History's  (June 2010).
  • "Counting on Kin:  Women and Property in Eighteenth-Century Egypt," in Gender, Property and Law in Jewish, Christian and Muslim Communities in the Wider Mediterranean, 1300-1800,  ed. J. Sperling and S.K. Wray (Routledge, 2009).
  • "International Feminism and the Women's Movement in Egypt, 1904-1923: a Reappraisal of Categories and Legacies," in Family Ties and Ideational Changes in Egypt, Iran and Tunisia, ed. H. Rashad and K. Yount (Routledge, 2008).
  • "From Concubines to Capitalists: Women, Property and Power in Eighteenth-Century Egypt," Journal of Women's History (Autumn 1998); anthologized in Bodies in Contact: Rethinking Colonial Encounters in World History, ed. T. Ballantyne and A. Burton (Duke UP, 2005).
  • "From Warrior Grandees to Domesticated Bourgeoisie: the Transformation of the Elite Egyptian Household into a Western-style Nuclear Family," in Family History in the Middle East: Household, Property, Gender, ed. B. Doumani, Series on the Social and Economic History of the Middle East (SUNY Press, 2003). 
  • Editor, Auto/Biography and the Creation of Identity and Community in the Middle East (Palgrave, 2001).
  • "Ottoman Women through the Eyes of Mary Wortley Montagu," in Unfolding the Orient: Travellers in the Near East and Egypt, eds. P. Starkey and J. Starkey (I.B Taurus & Co., 2000).
  • "Women and Waqf: Towards a Reconsideration of Women's Place in the Mamluk Household," International Journal of Middle East Studies 29:1 (February 1997): 33-51.
  • "Women and Waqf: Property, Power and the Domain of Gender in Eighteenth-Century Egypt," in Women in the Ottoman Empire:  Middle Eastern Women in the Early Modern Period, ed. M. Zilfi (E.J. Brill, 1997).
  • "The Ties that Bound: Women and Households in Eighteenth-Century Egypt," in Women, the Family and Divorce Laws in Islamic History, ed. A. Sonbol (Syracuse UP, 1996).
  • "Was the Mamluk House a Home?  Houses and Households in Eighteenth-Century Egypt," in Histoire economique et sociale de l'Empire ottoman et de la Turquie (1326-1960): Actes du sixieme congres international tenu a Aix-en-Provence du 1er au 4 juillet 1992), ed. D. Panzac (Collection Turcica, 1995).