Dr. Linda  Noel

Associate Professor


U.S. and Latin America from the colonial era to the early 20th century; immigration/migration; national/transnational identities; slavery; social and cultural history; urban history

Ph.D. History - Univ. of Maryland, College Park
M.A. History - Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
B.A. History and Urban Studies - Northwestern Univ.

Courses: Civil War and Reconstruction; Emerging America, 1877-1932; Latina/os in America; Urban History; History of the U.S. I & II
Select Scholarship

  • Debating American Identity: Southwestern Statehood and Mexican Immigration (Univ. of Arizona Press, 2014).
  • "Strange Bedfellows: American Growers and Mexican Immigrants Promote the Image of a Temporary Worker in the United States," Monde(s), Histoire, Espace, Relations (June 2013): 213-236.
  • "Puerto Ricans" and "Annexation of Hawaii," in Multicultural America, eds. C.E. Cortes and J.G. Golson (SAGE, 2013).
  • "'I am an American': Anglos, Mexicans, Nativos, and the National Debate over Arizona and New Mexico Statehood," Pacific Historical Review 80:3 (Aug 2011): 430-467. [Winner of Michael P. Malone Award, Western History Association, 2013]
  • Book reviews in: Canadian Journal of History, History: Reviews of New Books, The Latin Americanist, Pacific Historical Review, and Material Culture: The Journal of the Pioneer America Society.