Dr. Linda  Noel

Assistant Professor


US history, Latin American history, latinos/as, immigration, slavery, urban history

Ph.D. History - Univ. of Maryland, College Park
M.A. History - Univ. of Colorado at Boulder
B.A. History and Urban Studies - Northwestern Univ.

Courses: US Urban History; US Immigration History; History of the US I & II
Select Scholarship

  • The Swinging Door: U.S. National Identity and the Making of the Mexican Guestworker, 1900 - 1935 (Ph.D. Dissertation, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, 2006). 
  • "Genesis of the Mexican Temporary Worker Ideal in the United States," given at Congress of Mexican, United States, and Canadian Historians: Costa y Fronteras en las Historia De México" (Vancouver, Canada, 2006).
  • "Nómadas (Nomads): The Crystallization of the Mexican Guestworker in the United States," given at Global Migrants, Global Diasporas (University of Florence, Italy, 2006).