About the Department of English

A diverse faculty of wide-ranging expertise:

Faculty members in the department have achieved distinction as scholars, critics, journalists, editors, lawyers, presidential speechwriters, filmmakers, screenwriters, creative writers, and (not insignificantly) as teachers. Their areas of expertise include American fiction, African American literature, Shakespeare, literature of the Diaspora, the Harlem Renaissance, rhetoric, composition, cinema, screenwriting, and technical writing. Three widely respected professional journals are edited by department faculty members: Middle Atlantic Writers Association Review (founded in 1980); Zora Neale Hurston Forum (founded in 1986); and Sankofa: a Journal of African Children's Literature (founded in 2002). Department faculty members play leading roles in a wide range of learned societies, some of which were founded on campus. These include the Zora Neale Hurston Society (founded in 1986) and the Middle Atlantic Writers Association (founded in 1981). Current research among faculty also includes popular culture, hip-hop, and psychology in literature, documentary film, cinematic studies, and gender studies.

The Department of English and Language Arts houses a variety of university and departmental programs. These programs are:

(1) Freshman English Program,

(2) Introduction to Humanities Program,

(3) Junior Writing Proficiency Examination,

(4) Reading Program, and

(5) majors in English and Scriptwriting and Animation.

The Department also offers the Master of Arts Degree in English and the Doctor of Philosophy in English. For further information on the graduate programs, see the catalog of the School of Graduate Studies.