The Annual Ford-Turpin (FT) Symposium

Nick Aron Ford

Nick Aaron Ford - Biography

Selected writings

The Contemporary Negro Novel, Meador Press, 1936; McGrath, 1968. 
(With H. L. Faggett, eds.) Best Short Stories by Afro-Americans Writers, 1925-1950, Meador, 1950; Kraus Reprint, 1977.
(With Waters E. Turpin) Basic Skills for Better Writing, Putnam, 1959, 2nd ed., 1962. 
Language in Uniform: A Reader on Propaganda, Odyssey, 1967. 
(With Waters E. Turpin, eds.) Extending Horizons, Random House, 1969. 
Black Insights: Significant Literature by Black Americans, 1760 to the Present, Ginn, 1971. 
"Black Literature and the Problem of Evaluation," The Black Writer in Africa and the Americas, Hennessey and Ingalls, 1973.
Black Studies: Threat-or-Challenge, Kennikat, 1973. 
Seeking a Newer World: Memoirs of a Black American Teacher, Todd & Honeywell, 1983.
(With Saunders Redding) "The Long Dream," Richard Wright: Critical Perspectives Past and Present, Amistad, 1993, pp. 59-61. 
"The Black College as Focus for Black Studies," "White Colleges and the Future of Black Studies," The African American Studies Reader, Carolina Academic Press, 2001.

"A Blueprint for Negro Authors," Phylon, 1950, pp. 374-377; reprinted in Black Expression, Weybright and Talley, 1969, pp. 276-279.
"The Ordeal of Richard Wright," College English, October 1953, pp. 87-94; reprinted in Richard Wright: A Collection of Critical Essays, Prentice-Hall, 1984, pp. 139-148.
"The Ambivalence of Ralph Ellison," Black World, December 1970, pp. 5-9.
"Confessions of a Black Critic," Black World, June 1971.
"Attitudes and Actions of English Departments Toward the Promotion of Black Studies," ADE Bulletin, December 1972, pp. 72-77.
"On the Teaching of Black Literature with the Aid of Anthologies," College English, 34, 1973, p. 996.
"Jean Toomer and His Cane," Langston Hughes Review, Spring 1983, pp. 16-27.

Songs from the Dark: Original Poems, Meador, 1940.
"No Room at the Inn," Best Short Stories by Afro-American Writers, Meador, 1950; reprinted in Afro-American Red Star (Washington, DC), April 13, 2002, p. B3.
"Let the Church Roll On," The African American West: A Century of Short Stories, University Press of Colorado, 2000; reprinted in Afro-American Red Star, May 4, 2002, p. B3.
"The Majesty of the Law" (short story), Afro-American Red Star, April 5, 2003, p. B3.

Further Readings

Hollis, Burney J., ed., Swords Upon This Hill, Morgan State University Press, 1984.

Black American Literature Forum, 1983, p. 99. 
CLA Journal, June 1992, pp. 467-487.

Waters Edward Turpin - Biography
Turpin, Waters E.(1910–1968) - Writer, Chronology, Education Career

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