The Minor in English: Literature and Language

If you're a science major with an interest in creative writing, or a business major who might want to own a bookstore, or a student in any major who enjoys literature or writing--you should think about minoring in English.  If you major in engineering or architecture, a minor in English will enhance your writing skills as well as your critical thinking abilities. A student in any major who minors in English will find that his or her increase in writing skills will enhance his or her marketability in today's job market.

The Minor in English

The minor in English requires a sequence
of 18 credits with a grade of "C" or better in each course.

Required Core Courses
ENGL 354 Advanced Composition 3
ENGL XXX Choose two (2) of the
following courses: 6
ENGL 201 Survey of British Literature I
ENGL 202 Survey of British Literature II
ENGL 203 Survey of American Literature I
ENGL 204 Survey of American Literature II
ENGL 340 Survey of African-American

Elective Courses
ENGL XXX English Elective* 3
ENGL XXX English Elective * 3
ENGL XXX English Elective * 3