Core Requirements for Creative Writing

All English majors are required to take the following core requirements

Course Description Credits
ENGL201 Survey of English Literature 3
ENGL202 Survey of English Literature II 3
ENGL203 Survey of American Literature I 3
ENGL204 Survey of American Literature II 3
ENGL304 Literary Criticism and Theory 3
ENGL340 Survey of African-American Literature 3
ENGL353 Advanced Grammar 3
ENGL418 Introduction to Shakespeare 3
ENGL453 Introduction to English Language 3
For. Lang. 203 Foreign Language (Intermediate Level or Higher) 3
For. Lang. 204 Foreign Language (Intermediate Level or Higher) 3

In addition to the core requirements, a student majoring in English must complete requirements of one concentration

Course Description Credits
CONCENTRATION #2: Creative Writing 24
ENGL321* Introduction to Creative Writing 3
ENGL322 Creative Writing: Poetry 3
ENGL323 Creative Writing: Fiction 3
ENGL333 Playwriting 3
ENGL485 Creative Projects 3
ENGL XXX Group 1 or 2 Elective 3
ENGL XXX Group 4 Elective 3
ENGL XXX Group 4 Elective 3

*ENGL 321 is a prerequisite for all other courses in Creative Writing.
Core and concentration TOTAL: 57