The Undergraduate Program

At the undergraduate level, the Department of English and Language Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts Degree in English.  A student may also register as a Screenwriting and Animation major and earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film and Digital Storytelling.

Students may follow tracks in Creative Writing, Language Arts, Literature and Language, and Pre-Law.

The program for the English major encourages the student to focus on the area best suited for his or her chosen profession: publishing, diplomacy, law, teaching, creative writing, and advanced professional writing.

The chief goals of the English major are:

(1) to provide training and experience in the effective use of English prose;

(2) to assist students in gaining a balanced knowledge of the historical development of the English language;

(3) to develop in students an understanding and appreciation of literature and to acquaint them with the rich literary heritage of the past;

(4) to assist students in developing critical standards for evaluating literature based on understanding of such concepts as genres, prosody, styles, and levels of meaning, and the most significant theories and practices of representative critics, past and present;

(5) to offer instruction and guidance designed to develop the student's potentialities for creating, critical thinking, and writing;

(6) to help students to develop an appreciation of and a growing interest in literary scholarship by providing instruction and practice in the writing of scholarly papers, critical and historical; and

(7) to acquaint students in all concentrations with technological tools to enhance their preparation for leadership roles in the twenty-first century.

The English major is recommended for students interested in a variety of professions that require a knowledge of language, writing, literature and human values.

Teacher Certification Requirement in English: To qualify for teaching certification, a student majoring in English should contact the School of Education and Urban Studies. Up to six additional courses may be required, several of which will prepare the student for the Praxis examination.

College-wide Requirements: In addition to meeting the requirements in General Education and in the major, students must also complete the following requirements:

1)  complete six (6) credits in the Liberal Arts Core required of all majors in the College of Liberal Arts. Options for satisfying this requirement are outlined under the section on the College of Liberal Arts.

2)  pass the Senior Departmental Comprehensive Examination with a score of 70 or higher;

3)  take all of their junior- and senior-level requirements in the major at Morgan (unless granted prior written permission by the Dean to take courses elsewhere);

4) earn a cumulative average of 2.0 or better and a major average of 2.0 or better, with no outstanding grades below "C" in the major (which includes all courses required for the major and required supporting courses).