The Economics Major

The Department of Economics offers the B.A. and the B.S. degrees in Economics. Students who complete 6 credits of foreign language are eligible for the Bachelor of Arts degree. Those who opt to replace those six credits with 6 credits of departmentally-approved substitutions are candidates for the Bachelor of Science degree.

REQUIREMENTS: Persons declaring the Economics major after the Fall 2010 semester will have to satisfy the following requirements:

ACCT 201-202: Principles of Accounting I and II

Two Finance electives

MATH 114: Introduction to Mathematical Analysis II

MATH 201: Calculus for Non-Science Majors

ECON 211-212: Principles of Economics I and II

ECON 311-312: Principles and Methods of Statistics I and II

ECON 317: Intermediate Microeconomics

ECON 318: Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 413: Mathematical Economics

ECON 414: Econometrics

ECON 493: Business and Economic Research

Three ECON electives

2 sequential semesters of the same foreign language or 6 credits of approved substitutions.