Fee Waiver Information

In order to complete an application with a fee waiver, the University will accept waivers for one of the criteria listed below. 

  • High school seniors who are National Merit, National Achievement, or National Hispanic finalist or semifinalist
  • Maryland Distinguished Scholar finalist, semifinalist or honorable mention recipients
  • Fee waivers granted by the College Board, American College Testing Program, College Bound and the National Association for College Admission Counseling

Online Applicants

  • Complete the online application and stop at the point of payment
  • Mail the application fee waiver to the Office of Undergraduate Admission & Recruitment
  • Once the waiver is received, the office will manually process the remainder of the application
  • Check the status of the application online using the user name and password created at the time of application

Paper Applicants

  • Complete the paper application and attach the fee waiver to the application
  • Mail the application and fee waiver to the Office of Undergraduate Admission & Recruiment 
  • Once this information is received, the office will send an acknowledge letter, as well as a student identification number and password with instructions for checking the application status online

Those students with complete fall applications (application, waiver, transcripts, SAT/ACT scores, essay and letters of recommendations) submitted by November 15th will receive a decision no later than February 15th.  Those students with complete applications by February 15th will receive a decision no later than April 15th.  All complete applications received after February 15th will receive decisions on a rolling basis.