Rules & Regulations

Violations of the following Residence Life rules and regulations will be handled by The Office of Student Judicial Affairs.

The Judicial Coordinator to the Office of Residence Life will handle violations of Residence Life rules and regulations. Please note: All violations of policies and procedures contained in the Residence Life Handbook and Residence Life Hall Agreement are considered violations of the Coad of Student Conduct, and any violators are subject for referral to the Office of Judicial Affairs. All students are expected to adhere to the Coad of Student Conduct as well as Residence Life Policies.

The possession and/or consumption of alcohol in residence halls and/or possession of any controlled dangerous or illegal drug are strictly prohibited on the permises of the University.

Any electrical and/or cooking appliance including but limited to: hot plates, grills of any type, electrical ranges, and toaster-ovens are prohibited. However, one microwave per room (tranditional residence halls) or per apartment is permitted. Irons with automatic shut-off functions, which have been approved by your Resident Director prior to utilization, are allowed. Any questions about appliances should be directed to your Resident Director prior to use.

A resident is not permitted to allow other person(s) to occupy or switch his/her assigned room without permission from the Office of Residence Life.

These items, whether lit or unlit, are expressly forbidden in the residence halls. Additionally, the burning of any substance, or the use of any sort of open flame is also prohibited in the residence hall.

Any damages, theft, loss or special services (i.e. cleaning) due to the misuse of assigned space, common areas and state property, whether intentional or negligent, will be the responsibility of the resident(s) of that room, the residents of that hall, or the individuals responsible. When the assigned residence space is a common or shared area, and when the responsible student(s) cannot be determined, an equal charge will be assessed to each residence occupant. Rooms shall not be defaced with nails, tacks, paint, staples, glue, tape, screws, graffiti, glow-stickers etc.

Setting fires, intentionally or recklessly misusing or damaging fire safety equipment, including, but not limited to, alarms, heat sensors, smoke detectors, hoses, fire extinguishers, and emergency telephones.

Residence hall lounge furniture is not permitted in any resident's room. Also, beds and furnishings may not be disassembled or rearranged without written permission documented on the Room Condition Report form by the Residence Director.

Keys to rooms and/or sensors shall not be duplicated, transferred or loaned. Locks should not be changed or added to room/ apartment doors during occupancy. Report all lockouts and lost keys to hall staff immediately.

Students must attend each mandatory floor/ hall meeting called by an authorized agent of the Office of Residence Life or University

All residents and their guests will keep noise levels down to an absolute minimum at all times. As a resident you have the right to a living environment that is quiet enough to permit study and sleep. You are responsible for not infringing upon the rights of other residents (including your roommate) to sleep or study. This includes not playing your music or television loudly, not entertaining guest and/or being loud in your room and engaging in any other behavior that is disruptive to others. It is the policy of the university that the residence halls be reasonably quiet at all times constituting 24-hour courtesy hours. General university quiet hours are each evening from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM the following morning. During examination weeks (mid-term and final) are designated 24-hour quiet hours. At any time, any reasonable request by a resident concerning noise is to be honored.

Parking shall only be allowed in the spaces provided. At no time may any resident park on the lawn (including at Northwood), even for the purpose of moving out or moving in.

Engaging in disorderly, disruptive, or reckless conduct, which interferes with the activities of others is prohibited in the residence halls

Residents may not keep pets of any kind.

All signs and posters for building common areas or halls must be approved by the Resident Director of that building, and may only be placed in designated areas approved by the Resident Director.

The ORL reserves the right to enter and search a room when it is deemed necessary by the residence hall or other university staff, and to seize and dispose of any item(s) that are a direct violation of ORL or University Policy (i.e. weapons, drugs, alcohol and related paraphernalia, etc.) When at all possible, every attempt to have the resident present will be made. However, the university may still enter the room if the resident is not present and reserves the right to enter the room for:

  • Improvements.
  • Routine room inspections and maintenance. A resident's request for maintenance or repair constitutes his/her consent for room entry. While entry without notice may be necessary, attempts will be made to provide prior notification whenever reasonable.
  • Recovery of university/state owned property which is not authorized for use in the assigned space.
  • Fire and safety inspection.
  • Actions necessary to ensure the safety, health and general welfare of the residents or others and or the university or property. .

Each resident shall keep his/her room in a clean and sanitary condition. Routine room inspections are made weekly to ensure the maintenance of sanitary conditions and University property.

It is prohibited to remove window screens for any reason. Any damages to window screens must be reported for repair immediately. Failure to do so may result in the resident being suspected of violating the visitation policy.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the residence halls, including your own room.

Sports activities and/or equipment that may cause damage to the residence hall (especially the floors and sprinklers) are prohibited from being worn or used in the residence halls, i.e., roller blades, cleats, bouncing basketball, throwing footballs, etc.

Residents are expected to dispose of trash in the provided trash receptacles. Residents are not permitted to dispose of their personal trash in the common areas.

The rules and regulations were initiated by resident students and the residence hall councils and approved by the Office of Residence Life. All students concerned are expected to assume responsibility for the successful operation of the program. It is also expected that all Residence Life staff will enforce these policies and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and personal liability.


  • Visitation hours for visitors of the opposite gender are Mondays through Thursdays from 4:00 p.m. - l0:30 p.m.; Friday and Saturday from 4:00 p.m. - l2:00 midnight and Sundays from 4:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Visitors of the opposite gender are permitted to remain in the lounge areas up until midnight for the purpose of coordinating studies with residents. Visitors of the same gender are able to remain in the building until 2:00 a.m. After that time, they are considered overnight guests, must be signed in, and fall under the policies governing them.
  • All visitors must enter and leave by the main entrance of the building.
  • Residents are required to leave their ID cards and their visitor's ID card when signing in at the main desk. Residents are responsible for their visitor's retrieving his or her ID card before the end of visiting hours, when leaving the residence halls. Staff will not be liable for ID cards left after visiting hours. Identification cards which are not picked up at the end of visiting hours may only be claimed at the Resident Director's office.
  • Residents are responsible for their visitors at all times. Residents must also escort their guests at all times; visitors are not be permitted to roam the halls.
  • Maximum number of visitors per room is four - two per resident.
  • If a conflict exists between roommates regarding coeducational visitation, the Resident Director will resolve it.
  • Lavatory facilities for the opposite gender must be utilized by visitors, when appropriate.
  • Non-student violators of visitation guidelines will be referred to Morgan's Police Department for prosecution on charges of trespassing.

The possession and/or use of any illegal weapons (i.e., firearms) are prohibited by the University. Including but not limited to BB Guns, knives, brass knuckles are also prohibited.

Specific Violations of terms set forth in the Resident Life Hall Agreement shall be referred for judicial proceedings, Specified violations set forth in Artical III: Responsibility of Students in Residence and Dining Halls.