PURPOSE: To provide influenza vaccine to Morgan State University students, staff and faculty.

PROCEDURE: The University Health Center will make available the influenza vaccine to any matriculating student or University employee. There is no cost for students who are covered by the University's Student Health Insurance Plan. There is a nominal fee for other students, faculty and staff.  Payments must be made in advance at the Bursar's Office. The payment receipt must be brought to the Health Center at the time the vaccine is administered.

The vaccine will be administered Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. effective Septmeber -March. The students and staff will be required to sign an Influenza Vaccine Consent Form.

Each student and staff member will be given a copy of the Influenza Information sheet published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Immunization Program.


PURPOSE: To ensure proper ordering, maintaining and administration of menomune.

SCOPE: Applicable Nursing Staff and Designated.

POLICY: It is an admission requirement that a completed Health Entrance Certificate is on file in the student Health Center prior to registration. Students who reside on campus housing must have documentation stating they have received the meningitis vaccine or signed a waiver. Any student under the age of 18 will be informed that all health forms and/or waivers must have signature of a parent or guardian.

PROCEDURE: When the Health Center receives the completed Health form it is reviewed by nurse for the documentation of meningitis vaccine or signed waiver. This information will be maintained in a log and kept in student Health Center. On a weekly basis the medical coordinator will enter the information from the log into the computer. A copy of this information will be sent to the Residence Director.

Vaccine ordering information

1. Menomune vaccine is ordered from Aventis Pasteur as needed.
2. The MSU Student Health Center will vaccinate any student who elects to receive the vaccine here in the clinic. Students pay $75.00 at the Bursar's office for the vaccine cost. The payment receipt is brought to the Health Center and presented to the nurse.
3. The nurse will then have student sign the Appointment schedule sheet for meningitis vaccine.
4. Once the vaccine is in Health Center, the student will be notified within 1-2 wks and an appointment will be set up for administration of the vaccine.

Vaccine Administration

1. Students are provided with the printed information prior to receiving vaccine.
2. Student will complete MSU Meningococcal Immunization Form and informed consent to receive menomune vaccine.