Available Services & Fees

The Harriet A. Woolford Health Center is specifically equipped to handle most routine and some non-routine ambulatory care problems. When specialized care is needed, the student will be referred to a private physician or hospital.

When the University is in session, nurse practitioners, or a physician assistant and licensed practical nurses are on duty. The Health Center's Medical Director/ Physician is available on site during specific hours, and 24 hours a day by phone. Gynecological services, like all other services, are available by appointment.

Additional Services Offered :

  • Allergy Injections
  • Immunizations and vaccines
    Meningitis , Hepatitis B,  Tetanus, Influenza (students/staff)
  • Free Condoms, Male and Female
  • Free Sudafed, Tylenol, Throat Lozenges, Cough Syrup

All full time undergraduate students of the University are eligible for care upon the presentation of completed Health Entrance Certificate, including requisite tests, when admitted to the University. If completed Health Forms are not filed in the health center, registration will be withheld. When students return to the University after withdrawal for health or any other reason, a new medical record must be filed in the health center to be eligible for care. Services will be rendered upon students' presentation of current valid MSU identification cards.


You have the right to:

  • be treated with dignity, respect & care by our staff
  • receive high quality care in a manner that respects you privacy & preserves confidentiality
  • refuse recommended treatment
  • ask & have medical question answered
  • actively participate in decisions involving your medical care
  • request provider of your choice, or change providers if you wish

You have the responsibility to:

  • treat our staff as you wish to be treated: with dignity and respect.
  • the Health Center staff and your fellow students to be on time for appointments and to cancel appointments you cannot or do not need to keep so others may have them.
  • provide accurate and complete medical information to our staff, to comply with prescribed treatment, which you have agreed to, and to return for a follow-up as recommended.
  • let us know if we are not meeting your needs as a patient.