Services Provided by CCD

Individual and Group Career Counseling
Individual and group counseling is available to students by appointment. A counselor can assist students with making decisions related to occupational choice, selecting an academic course of study, evaluating options for employment and/or graduate study, development and refinement of professional skills, developing a proactive career development plan, and preparation for the job search.

Students who are undecided about an academic major or who have questions about career choice are encouraged to utilize one of several computer assisted guidance programs available to them through the CCD Web Site or at one of several workstations in the Career Resource Center.

Students are instructed to utilize proven methods of searching for employment, including how to research and evaluate employers, how to prepare professional, effective resumes and correspondence, and how to market their skills in an employment interview. They also have opportunities to participate in professional development seminars designed to teach proper business dress and protocol in social and dining settings.

The Career Resource Center contains up-to-date information on a wide spectrum of subjects presented via the CCD Website and in print. Handouts and brochures are produced regularly to provide the most current information available, anywhere.  Students are encouraged to search for the most current employer information via the Internet, Graduate and professional school information, entrance examinations, scholarships and fellowship information are also available

Career Resource Center
    * Handouts and brochures
    * Employer literature
    * Job search materials
    * Graduate/Professional School information
    * Admissions testing material
    * Computerized assistance

Experiential Education
    * Co-op
    * Internships

Job Search
    * Instruction on resume development
    * Interview training
    * How to conduct employer research
    * Evaluation of job offers

Campus Recruiting
It is a well recognized fact that students who have work experience are more readily hired for career employment than those who do not have such experience. Students at Morgan State University are advised early on that relevant work experience is an essential component of their career preparation. The CCD staff encourages all students to develop a plan to work in a career related job at some point during their matriculation at the University. Students may apply for various work programs including internships in private and non-profit organizations and cooperative education assignments in state and federal agencies. Career related paid and non-paid work assignments during the academic year and summer are available to undergraduates and graduate students. Students must register with the Center and meet application deadlines.

Representatives of employers and graduate and professional schools also visit the campus to recruit graduating students from mid-October to the beginning of December and from the beginning of February to the beginning of May. Employment interviews are conducted in the spacious facility located on Wing C Room 224 of the Montebello Complex.  

Information Sessions

Many employers have found that holding an information session before their on-campus interviews (usually the evening before) helps make students more aware of their organizational culture and structure, and gives them a better understanding of how they might contribute to the organization. 

Job Listings
Students have access to hundreds of job openings in the Career Resource Center. There is no need for an appointment to view the binders, and a photocopy machine is available for student use.  Binders Available:· Full-time Entry-level positions, Baltimore Area · Full-time Experienced positions, Baltimore Area · Part-time Baltimore Area · Health / Medical positions · Full-time Entry-level positions, DC, Suburban MD, Northern VA · Full-time Experienced positions, DC, Suburban MD, Northern VA · Federal Government & Outstanding Scholars · State positions, Government, Private Sector & Education · Corporate Jobs Outlook!

    * Part-time and vacation employment
    * Career positions for graduating students

Job/Career Fairs
During the second week in October, the Center hosts a Career Day for over 145 national and regional organizations who provide current career and occupational information. Many students who attend this event are able to schedule career employment and internship interviews when representatives make follow up visits to the campus.

Resume Referrals
    * To employers with specific vacancies
    * Electronic transfer of information

Workshops and Seminars
Career development workshops, seminars and presentations are regularly offered to students in the CCD and via classroom presentations. Freshmen students are introduced to the concepts of career planning via Freshman Orientation courses.  The Center staff conducts a series of professional development workshops to assist all students in preparing for career involvement. Researching employers, resume writing, and interview skills are three workshops offered throughout each semester. A number of special career topic workshops and information sessions are also offered.

    * Career Exploration
    * Dining Etiquette, Dress and Business Decorum
    * Job Search
    * Presentation Skills

Career Publications
    * Career Handbooks
    * Description of Services
    * Business/Technical Journals
    * Diversity focused materials
    * In the communications field, ideas are transmitted through mass media.
    * Communications professionals seek to inform, educate, persuade, or entertain masses of people, using books, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, film, advertising and public relations.

Alumni Services
Recent alumni are welcome to use the services of the Center, except the Campus Recruiting Program, which is restricted to current graduate and undergraduate degree candidates.

    * Business
    * Education
    * Government
    * non-profit sectors

Skills in verbal and written communication are one of the most sought after characteristics employers look for when hiring. Any work that involves communicating as its focal point is a potential career field. The communications industry is a competitive one, however, and experience is a must. While most graduates work in a related occupation, others choose different directions. Many careers do not require a specific major but rather a wide range of demonstrated skills and accomplishments. Regardless of your career choices, increase your marketability to employers through internships, responsible work experience, good grades and involvement in college activities.