Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Career Development (CCD), and its staff, is to assist undergraduate, and graduate students, of all class levels, as well as degree-holding alumni, in their determination of a major course of study, in the choice of a career direction, or pursuit of graduate education. We emphasize that their success will come through self-exploration, exploration of and experiencing possible careers, and learning the job search related skills necessary for each individual to accomplish these goals and objectives. We seek to empower our clients, so that in the future they will be able to make sound career decisions, achieve career satisfaction, and be productive members of society.

The Center for Career Development provides assistance to students and alumni in the career decision-making process through interest testing, counseling and experiential learning opportunities; individual advising/counseling; a career resource center for obtaining career information and researching employers; developing job seeking skills through seminars and individualized preparation; planning and executing a targeted job search; providing opportunities to interview with employers; access to job fairs and career days sponsored by Morgan State University and other organizations in the region; candidate referral of registered students and alumni to employers with professional personnel needs; access to job listings on file; assistance with decision-making about and application to graduate study.

The Center for Career Development is the focal point of career planning activities for Morgan State University students and recent alumni. It is the basic philosophy of the Center for Career Development that when students engage in effective and efficient career planning throughout their four years in college, placement (entry into employment or further study) takes care of itself.

In following this tenet, students are encouraged to register with the Center for Career Development early in their academic careers and maintain regular contact with the staff.

Students and alumni should recognize that contact with the CCD is at their initiative. The implementation of any advice or information received is their responsibility.