What Is Optimal Resume?

Optimal Resume is tool to help you create your resume. This program allows you to develop or style your resume and cover letter, build a portfolio online, and complete a virtual mock interview. Sample descriptions are provided for many positions in a wide range of industries to help you best discuss your experiences.

Optimal Resume features

  • sample resumes for several fields with recommended entry-level, mid-career, and experienced templates
  • each industry or career path includes a link that highlights the top five tips for writing targeted resumes
  • each section heading includes examples tab where you can review sample content and formatting for that section
  • edit the style of your resume while working by clicking on the style tab at the top and selecting a different format
  • rename the sections within your resume
  • design your resume based on recommended section sets/ headings or follow a sample template that matches your career or industry interest
  • download your resume as a Microsoft Word document and complete final editing in Word and upload to eBear
  • upload a pre-existing resume into the system to complete editing and formatting revisions
  • create or upload multiple resumes with each one targeted to a specific industry or employer
  • create a website for employers to review your resume
  • clone your resume and quickly complete minor revisions to tailor your resume for a specific employer or opportunity

Create a resume now!
In order to use Optimal Resume, send an email to careers@morgan.edu to request an access code.

View Optimal Resume Builder Help (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)