Recruiting Information
MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY has a centralized career development office -- the Center for Career Development (CCD) -- a partner and a resource for your recruiting programs. Here is what we offer you:

* Flexibility to respond to individual organization's recruiting needs
* Efficient resume referrals of current students, recent graduates and alumni
* Diverse pool of candidates, many with significant experience
* Ability to promote employment opportunities and host on-campus interviews

Job Postings
The CCD posts a variety of employment opportunities including full-time, part-time and temporary positions, paid internships, and on-campus recruiting events. Employers may contact the CCD at any time to post a position or to request an on-campus recruitment date. The CCD electronically notifies all registrants (who meet your stated qualifications) of current employment opportunities. In addition, hard-copy announcements are posted on our job boards and circulated to academic departments and student organizations. Employer opportunities receive the widest possible exposure to a potential applicant pool.

Job postings for not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions and part-time employment opportunities should be emailed directly to our office. Job announcements typically remain posted for thirty days.

Be descriptive and informative, yet succinct. Students want to know what they will be doing, what technology will be available, and what skills will be used. Be specific and realistic, otherwise a top candidate may lose interest.

Resume Referrals
We are able to refer resumes to employers following an initial posting period. Registrants are typically instructed to respond to announcements within five business days of the initial posting date. This referral process places the initiative on the registrant to make an informed decision to apply for a position.

On-Campus Recruiting
The CCD has dedicated interview and conference rooms available for employers who choose to conduct on-campus interviews.

  • Please contact our office at least one month prior to your campus visit to reserve interview rooms. Although we are able to schedule with less notice, a longer lead time allows us to adequately publicize your on-campus events.
  • We encourage you to conduct an Information Session to promote your organization and your employment opportunities.
  • You will receive confirmation of your on-campus interview dates.
  • Please use the On-Campus Recruitment Guide.

Interview Location
Interviews are held in the Center for Career Development, on the second floor of the Montebello Complex, Wing C, Room 224.

Interview Schedules
Standard interview schedules are available in 30, 45, or 60-minute increments. Customized interview time slots can be arranged prior to candidate interview sign-up.

Interviews at the CCD are generally held between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Citizenship Requirements
In compliance with the provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA), interview appointments will be made available to interested students who are authorized to work full-time in the United States regardless of their citizenship status, unless U.S. citizenship is legally required. If citizenship is legally required for your organization, please indicate the policy as an attachment to your "Employment Description Form."