On-line Course Design Workshop


The On-line Course Design workshop is open to all Morgan faculty who would like to design/create  an on-line course.  This seven week workshop is conducted entirely online; there are no face to face meetings.  ALL courses to be offered on-line must meet the standards of the Quality Matters rubric.  This workshop will guide faculty through the course development process -- and result in a course that meets the QM standards.  

Please sign up for the workshop, and submit an Online Course Agreement form.  Use the links below (or scroll down) to access the information you will need.

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See a list of current on-line courses here.

1. Forms: Please complete the appropriate form:

The On-line Course Agreement form is for faculty who have NOT taken or completed the On-line Course Development workshop before. Please complete this form and return the original to the VP ACADEMIC OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT Truth 402.

The On-line Course Agreement Additional Course Form is for faculty who have already taken the workshop and would like to develop another on-line course. The Chair and Dean must approve the course, and the course must still meet standards of the QM Rubric.   You are welcome to participate in the Online Course Design workshop, but it is optional. Please complete this form and return the original copy to tVP ACADEMIC OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT Truth 402.

2. Blackboard Prerequisite:

A solid background in using Blackboard is required for this workshop.   Faculty will need to complete the self paced Blackboard 9.x training modules as a prerequisite to this workshop.

Please complete the Getting Started with Blackboard9 training, found here.
Please be sure to review the Bb tutorials for the following required Bb skills:  Adding announcement, content, assignments, and tests; enrolling and removing stuents; creating and moderating discussion forums; adding and managing grades.  These are basic Blackboard skills that are a pre-requisite for creating (and teaching) an online course.  

See our calendar for face to face and web-based training sessions.  Blackboard information and tutorials are here.

3. Workshop Structure:
The On-line Course Design workshop is offered as a seven week on-line course.  By the completion of the workshop you will have all or most of your on-line course developed.  You will have approximately four additional weeks to complete your course before the internal QM review.  

Time Commitment: Please allow at least five hours a week for the workshop activities and design of your course.   This is a time intensive workshop -- please be sure you have the time to devote to creating your course.

4. Internal Quality Matters Review: Your course must meet the standards of the Quality Matters Rubric  in order to be offered on-line. You will receive a stipend when your course meet the standards of the QM rubric. 

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