NBC-Learn Video

nbc learn logo What is NBC Learn? 

NBC Learn Higher Ed is a collection of more than 17,000 videos, documents, and images that can be incorporated into classroom lectures and online teaching materials. The in-depth stories found on NBC Learn Higher Ed  are designed so that faculty can give their students access to digital content that is engaging, inspiring, and relevant to their daily lives.

 Besides its rich collection of historic primary-source newscasts from the NBC News archive, NBC Learn Higher Ed is updated daily with the latest current events videos from NBC News and its portfolio. The resources will enable faculty to enliven instruction and use real-world examples to bring subjects to life for students.   NBC Learn also creates original video series, including the Emmy Award-winning "Science of the Olympics" and "Science of NFL Football," to support STEM subjects with compelling sports content.   The NBC Learn Higher Ed resources are organized into 40+ subjects that make it easy for faculty and students to locate resources on a specific topic. 

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1. View this brochure or Fast Facts on the Collections
2. Take the NBC LEARN video tour (15 mins)  http://www.nbclearn.com/tour (explores content, the cue card player, how to download videos for non-internet playback)

Access NBC Learn:

There are two ways to access the NBC Learn Videos:1. Via Blackboard.  2. Directly from the NBC Learn web site.   You can also download and play NBC Learn videos.  

Via Blackboard:  

Faculty: To access the NBC Learn videos from within Blackboard, simply go to any content area within your course, click Build Content, MashUps, and select NBC Learn Content. You will be prompted to search for a video, and then embed it directly into your course. Only faculty can set up videos within Blackboard. 

Watch the Tutorial: http://ondemand.blackboard.com/r91/movies/bb91_course_content_NBC_TOC.htm
You can also access the video content and your playlist via the Tools area of your course.  However, you will still need to embed the videos you want students to view.


Direct Access:  You can access NBC LEARN at: http://highered.nbclearn.com

Faculty and students can also log on directly to the NBC Learn web site to view videos. If you register at this site you will be able to create your own playlists and share them with others. If you would like direct access, you must access the NBC Learn web site from a campus computer; after you register, you may search for or access your videos from any computer, on or off campus. You can access NBC LEARN at: http://highered.nbclearn.com

Play NBC Learn Videos Off-Line:
You can download NBC Learn videos and save them on your computer/laptop.  Bring your laptop to class to play them without an internet connection.  
1. Search for the NBC Learn videos you need (via Bb or directly)
2. From with the Cue Card (the player), select Download

 cue card download
3.  Install the Cue Card Player software to your computer.  You must install this or you will not be able to play the videos you download.

cue card play

 If you would like to embed the videos into PowerPointfollow these instructions, or view this video tutorial.