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For Instructors: Getting Started

1. Get an Instructor Kit (it's free): 

What's in the Instructor Kit? 

  • Receiver used to collect responses in your classroom; the receiver also serves as a flash drive with the Turning Point software, and storage for your files. receiver
  • Sample NXT Response Card: This is the device students use to respond to questions in class.nxt response card
  • Presenter card: Used with PowerPoint to advance slides, or to open/close polling.  presenter card

Where do I get a kit?

2. Sign up for a Responseware Account 
You will need this if you are allowing your students to purchase/use the Resposeware App.  

For Instructors: Prepare your Students

  • Decide if you want students to purchase the NXT Response Card  or if you will allow them to use Responseware App.  Instruct them accordingly!
      • nxt response card   NXT Response Card: Device students use to respond to questions in class. Purchase from either MSU Bookstore (ISBN for the NXT clicker is 978-1-934931-45-5) or directly from TurningPoint
      •  Responseware App:  ResponseWare turns a participant’s web-enabled device into a virtual clicker. Participants are able to respond to polling questions using a Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • Explain that you're using clickers this semester -- Conduct a trial run to ensure everything is working.

For Instructors: Prepare your Presentation

  • Insert the Receiver into your computer
  • Open the Turning Point Software
  • Power Point Polling: This Video shows how to build a presentation using Power Point.
  • Save your PPT on your Receiver
For Instructors: In your Classroom - Presenting
For Instructors: After your Presentation - Reports
  • Insert the Receiver into your computer
  • Open the Turning Point Software
  • PowerPoint Polling:
    • This video demonstrates how to access reports for PowerPoint Poling
  • Anywhwere Polling
    • This video demonstrate how to access reports for Anywhere Polling
  • How to Export  Results to Blackboard -- Send question results from TurningPoint Software to Bb.
For Instructors: Learn More about TurningPoint Software:

For Instructors: Best Practices

How to engage your students!

Information for Students:

Purchase NXT Response Card or Responseware App -- you need one, not both!

         nxt response card        

NXT Response Card: Clicker Device used to respond to questions in class. rebateRebate for NXT Card:  Redeem your $15.00 Rebate Here.  Code = RGAN8(Rebate Applies to purchases from Turning Point or the MSU Bookstore).

Purchase from . . . 

  • MSU Bookstore (ISBN 978-1-934931-45-5). You can use your Financial Aid $$ to purchase from the MSU Bookstore (approx. $53.00).
  • Directly from TurningPoint  Enter our School Code: GAN8 ($40.00)

Responseware App:  Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to respond to questions in class. 
 STUDENTS: Check with your instructor before you purchase Responseware.   

Register your NXT Device ID or Responseware License ID in Blackboard