Foundations in Digital Media Literacy

 Hands-on Certification Programs

~ Basic Trainings ~

I.     Operating in a Mac Environment

  1. Icon Bar
  2. Safari
  3. Search Bar
  4. WIFI or LAN Connection
  5. Finder
  6. Close, Minimize, Full Screen 
  7. Trash
  8. File Format 
  9. Apple Logo

II.     File Management

  1. Why is File Management important?
  2. Useful Tips
  3. How to save V.S. Quick saving
  4. Hierarchy/File Moving
  5. Untitled Files

III.     Photoshop Basics

  1. Learning the Tools Palette
  2. Introducing Layers and Interface
  3. Understanding File Formats
  4. Importing Images
  5. How to make things easeir? (File Management)

IV.   Camera Operating Basics

V.      Final Cut Pro

VI.      Adobe After Effects

~ Advanced Trainings ~

I.     2D/3D  Animation

II.     Advanced Techniques in Photoshop

III.     Advanced Techniques in Final Cut Pro

IV.     Advanced Techniques in After Effects

V.     Advanced  Techniques in Premier