About Our Staff

Morgan's DMC was staffed from pre-existing campus units from across the campus already collaborating on strategic marketing and communications with the Office of Public Relations and Communications (OPRC). This team combined web specialization with the digital media lab - an in-house multimedia content provider for the University that offers a professional interdisciplinary field experience for students. The DMC brings them under one roof to regularly interface with vendors and contractors during installations of the digital infrastructure and equipment supporting academic programs in the new building. The staff now manages the building and maintains and operates classrooms and labs throughout the facility while continuing their role as the web team and digital content providers for the University.

DMC collaborations with faculty and departments have supported successful grant efforts and research in engineering, the sciences, transportation, business, and the arts. Web content, streaming media, documentaries, animation, interactive exhibits, corporate videos, and public service announcements are examples of deliverables produced by the DMC to support the University's mission in teaching and research. With its multidisciplinary emphasis geared to serve colleges and departments across the campus, there is has a high demand for staff to provide faculty with digital media to enhance teaching, research, and scholarship. Our on-going support of campus departments and units includes:

  • Website development & design
  • Strategic marketing & image communications
  • Film & Video Production
  • Digital storytelling & convergence media
  • Streaming media
  • Distance education
  • Broadcast coverage and content for campus and community outlets
  • Management of Innovative digital technology infrastructure in the new Communications Center
  • Faculty training in applied use of digital technologies for teaching and research
  • Interdisciplinary Student field experience in digital media