Academic Technology Support

Morgan faculty and students have access to a variety of technology services that support teaching and learning.

Computer Labs

The University operates more than 40 computer labs across campus.  Labs are for student use as well as for delivering instruction. 

Computing Services for Instruction and Research

Morgan State provides centralized computing services for instruction and research.  Mr. Corey Scott is the point of contact.  (Ext. 1508 or 3512) 

Tech Support in Academic Buildings

Most academic buildings have assigned to them one or more individuals who are responsible for operating the computer labs and smart classrooms, providing first-line desktop support, and other technology services.  These individuals also act as liaisons with central technology activities.

Digital Media Center

The Digital Media Center is managed by a member of the Morgan faculty and provides hands-on instruction in digital media for students in a variety of majors.  The Center is an integral part of the campus web team, provides a variety of media services to the campus, and assists with activities in the community.   Mr. Keith Mehlinger, ext. 1741, is the point of contact.

Test Scanning and Scoring Services

The Test Scoring/Scanning Services at Morgan assist faculty and staff with scanning exams and faculty course surveys.  This service requires the use of Pearson NCS scoring sheets.

Testing and Scanning services target the following groups: 1. Faculty and teaching assistants who want to automate test grading and analysis of test results.**  2. Academic departments who choose to streamline the collection and analysis of course evaluations.  3. Staff who would like to conduct research and compile data in preparation for statistical analysis. 

** Students may not drop-off or pick up tests.

Contact:  Donita Lewis, ext 3372,   Location: Carter Grant Wilson, Room 105, Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


The University utilizes Blackboard as its course management system.  Access to the system is managed centrally on campus but the application is hosted off campus.  Ms. Karen Rubinstein is the point of contact, ext. 1103 or