Planning, Institutional Research & Assessment


The Morgan State University Strategic Plan for 2008-2012 was adopted by the Board of Regents in November 2007. The campus uses a variety of methods for monitoring the implementation of its Strategic Plan, including a Balanced Scorecard, which can be accessed on-line by campus faculty and staff.

Points of Contact for Strategic Planning and Assessment are the Vice President and Assistant Vice President of Planning and Information Technology.

Student Learning Assessment

Assessment of student learning outcomes is carried out through a variety of standardized and in-house assessment instruments. In addition, the University carries out a number of student and faculty surveys. These actitivites are coordinated by the Office of Assessment in the Division of Academic Affairs. Results can be accessed on-line by campus faculty and staff.

The point of contact for Student Learning Assessment is Dr. Solomon Alao, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs for Assessment and Operations.

Institutional Research - view site

The Office of Institutional Research is a support unit of Morgan State University that collects and disseminates data to assist the University in decision-making and planning.  Our goal is to provide accurate, consistent, and timely information that is in compliance with federal, state, and other reporting directives.