Office of International Student & Faculty Services

Allow me to extend to you a hearty welcome to the Morgan State University family. As an international student you are a unique addition to the campus, and contribute to the diversity of our university. This diversity reflects the growing trend towards a global academic village, and greater worldwide appreciation and tolerance of different cultures. You are (will be) joining a family, which boasts members from five continents and island groups of the world.

At Morgan State University, you can expect a myriad of opportunities that will allow you to develop your individuality. You are about to embark on one of the most exciting journeys of your life, one of cross-cultural exploration. You will be able to blend in your own uniqueness with your college experience and find that this will be one of the most enjoyable stages of your life. To maximize all of these possibilities, you should enter into this experience with an open heart and mind, ready to face the challenges ahead, and be willing to embrace the joys that will definitely be a part of it all!

The Office of International Student & Faculty Services  is charged with meeting the administrative, advising, and programming needs for the nonimmigrant students, staff, and faculty at Morgan State University. Services provided by the Office of International Student & Faculty Services include:

  • Immigration information workshops: to keep non-immigrant students, faculty and staff, abreast of the latest regulatory requirements.
  • Orientation: facilitate bi-annual orientation programs for new students.
  • Employment workshops: for information on the various types of employment available to F-1 students; Campus Employment, CPT, OPT and Economic Hardship applications are covered.
  • Preparation, and/or filing of initial petitions: program extension, SEVIS school transfer in/out; preparation of depended forms; reinstatement, and other regulatory compliance processes.
  • Advising services: to the International and Caribbean Student Associations and the Morgan State community at large on all immigration-related matters.
  • SEVIS reporting: to safeguard student status by providing the U.S. Department of Homeland Security with timely and accurate updates of enrollment activities.
  • Preparation filing of H-1B petitions: to enable the university to retain the services of outstanding non-immigrant faculty and staff.
  • Collaboration: with other university international stakeholders to facilitate the infusion of global themes throughout the formal and informal curriculum.
  • Facilitate: inter-cultural programs and activities with the primary aim of exposing the Morgan community to the importance and advantage of being aware and sensitive to the diversity of cultures in our campus and the wider community.