Physical Plant

As the largest non-academic department on Morgan State University campus, the Physical Plant is a service organization responsible for the high quality operations and maintenance of all university facilities, which include all campus structures, basic building components, utilities, energy conservation, environmental health and safety concerns, housekeeping, grounds, roads and fleet management.

The Physical Plant Department administrative office is located on the third floor of the Washington Service Center, Room 301. Physical Plant is responsible for the operation and maintenance of University buildings and grounds. The effectiveness of the Physical Plant in meeting its obligations and the service needs of the University community is largely dependent on a strong communication network between Physical Plant and user departments/programs. The reporting of problems (i.e., defective plumbing, broken doors, roof leaks, etc.) significantly assists the department in its endeavors. Additionally, the campus community's efforts in minimizing the abuse of the University facilities and emphasizing cleanliness and neatness assists the department in attaining its goals and is greatly appreciated.

Mission Statement
To provide a healthy, safe and clean learning environment for the Morgan State University community.