Travel Advances

Individuals are encouraged to request reimbursement for out-of-pocket travel costs* after the travel has been completed. However, if an employee cannot pay all the expenses, the traveler can request a partial travel advance by checking the appropriate box on the COMP01 form. Checks for travel advances are available to be picked up in the Comptroller's Office 3 business days before the day of travel.

Within five days of the travel being completed, employees are to submit a completed State of Maryland Expense account (GAD form X-5) and attach all receipts for reimbursement to the University's Comptroller's office. If the reimbursable travel costs on the expense account are less than the travel advance, the traveler must immediately repay the difference to the cashiers section of the Bursar's Office. The cashier is told the cash/ check is to repay a travel advance to the University's Working Fund. The receipt from the cashier is attached to the completed GAD form X-5.

Link to interactive expense account form (GAD form X-5)

If the approved out of pocket expenses are more than the travel advance check, the Comptroller's Office will contact the traveler to receive a second check for the balance of the trip's approved expenses. The second check will occur approximately 3 weeks after the Comptroller's Office receives the completed GAD form X-5.

*Out-of-pocket travel costs are defined as the reimbursable travel costs to be paid by the traveler. These costs exclude: airline/ train tickets purchased through the University's designated travel agency, hotel, registration fees, and any other costs paid using the University's purchasing card and/ or purchase order.