Moving Costs- Instructions

Moving Expense Reimbursement Form


Congratulations on your recent invitation to join the Morgan State University family.  Due to your special qualifications, the University will be reimbursing you for a portion of your moving expenses.  After you have completed your move, please adhere to the following instructions to facilitate your reimbursement:

  1. Pay the various vendors that assisted you in the move and obtain itemized receipts for the associated costs.  Please note exclusions contained in the moving expense reimbursement guide.
  2. Complete in its entirety, the Moving Expense Reimbursement Form. The completed Social Security Number field is required by the State of Maryland.
  3. Within 60 days of your move, attach your original receipts to this document and forward the package to your divisional Vice President.  Keep a copy of this package for your records.
  4. You should receive a check (OR DIRECT DEPOSIT IF YOU RECEIVE YOUR PAYCHECK VIA DIRECT DEPOSIT) from the State of Maryland Comptroller of the Treasury within fifteen (15) business days after your request has been processed by the University.