In-State Travel

In-state travel is defined as travel to be paid by the University within the state of Maryland or the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. In-state travel does not require preapproval unless you are travelling under the following circumstances:

  1. Request for in-state hotel stay
  2. Request for in-state travel advance
  3. Using the University's travel agent to obtain a train ticket for in-state (including the Washington, D.C. area) travel 
  4. Non MSU personnel travelling on behalf of the University and authorized to obtain their common carrier tickets through the University's travel agent

If your in-state travel meets any of the criteria listed above, see the Out-of-State Travel section for additional information.

In-State Travel Reimbursement

To request reimbursement for their in-state travel costs, a traveler is to submit a completed State of Maryland Expense account (GAD form X-5) after the travel has occurred.

Most of the costs must be supported with paid receipts. Some of the costs do not require receipts, but have special rules:

  1. The miles subject to reimbursement will be reduced by the traveler's daily miles to commute to their office if the miles traveled on University business replaced the traveler's normal commuting miles. The mileage rates for using a traveler's personal vehicle are provided on the Mileage/ Meals Reimbursement Rates section of our website. 
  2. Meal costs for daily travel are not approved unless the traveler leaves their house a minimum of 2 hours before their daily commute or comes home a minimum of 2 hours after the traveler's normal time of coming home. The standard meal rates are provided on the Mileage/ Meals Reimbursement Rates section of our website. To receive lunch, both standards must be met.

The traveler signs the completed GAD form X-5, attaches the paid receipts, and forwards the package to their supervisor. The supervisor and, if necessary, other approvers, sign the expense account and forwards it to the University's Comptroller's Office. The reimbursement check will be sent to the traveler's address listed on the GAD X-5 form or directly deposited to their bank account for direct deposit employees.