Trade-In of Property

The trade-in of equipment is prohibited without prior approval of the Department of General Services. To trade in property or equipment, list a full description of the property or equipment to be traded in, with tag number(s) and serial number(s), if any, on the Purchase Requisition and the PCAR. Forward the PCAR and a photocopy of the Purchase Requisition to Property Control. A photocopy of the PCAR should be sent to the Procurement Office with the original requisition. A copy of the Purchase order listing the equipment to be traded in will be sent to the requesting department by Procurement. Property Control will request authorization from the Department of General Services to trade-in the equipment by creating and submitting an excess Property Declaration (DGS Form 950-9). Once written approval from DGS has been received, the trade-in equipment will be deleted from the department's inventory. Without this approval, equipment cannot be traded-in.