Because storage space is at such a premium, Property Control cannot always supply space for the storage of excess property. Departments should keep this in mind when planning to dispose of property. Prior approval for any item to be stored must be obtained from the Inventory Control Manager well in advance (at least 2-4 weeks) of any deadline for removing the property from the department's premises.

  1. Privately-Owned Property
    In cases of an unforeseen situation (death), privately owned property of a current MSU employee or resident student may be temporarily stored until next-of-kin has been notified to claim the item(s).

  2. Records
    Record retention criteria (regulated by either State and/ or Federal guidelines) will be adhered to under all circumstances. However, whenever possible, record storage on site will be limited to two (2) years. For storage requirements beyond the internal two (2) year limit, records will be moved to the State's storage facility in Jessup, MD. Any requirement for additional storage time for records on site must be justified, in writing, to the Director of Procurement and Property Control.

  3. Furniture
    Furniture storage at MSU storage facilities is limited to one (1) year and generally is used while renovations are in progress or while space is temporarily allocated to special use. Furniture that is left in storage for more than one (1) year will be considered abandoned and will be made available for use throughout the University. Prior to release for other use, the department will be notified.