Receiving Equipment

All goods purchased via a Purchase Order by the Procurement Department are centrally received at the Washington Service Center Receiving Section. All deliveries and returns must be processed through the Property Control Department. If vendors make Purchase Order deliveries directly to departments, the departments should redirect the delivery to the Washington Service Center's Receiving Section. Prepaid magazines, subscriptions and special items will be shipped directly to the department.

A receiving report is made for each item received by the Receiving Section. The receiving report is used to ensure items are paid for in a timely manner. It is necessary to have a receiving report properly prepared, verified, and submitted to Accounts Payable within 24 hours of receipt of goods. The receiving clerk is responsible for the completion of that receiving report. Additionally, it is within the Receiving Section that items to be tagged as Fixed Assets are identified, recorded, and tagged.

  1. Overages, Shortages and Damages
    All items delivered to the Receiving Section are to be opened and inspected within 24 hours of delivery. Items received are to be compared with the University's Purchase Order for conformance and also for general condition of items. If items conform to the Purchase Order and are in good condition, they are delivered to the department.

    Upon receipt of items, the requestor is urged to immediately check the contents of shipments for conformity with the packing slips. If there is a shortage, overage, damage and/or incorrect item, the Receiving Section should be notified immediately.

  2. Returns to Vendors
    Note: No shipments will be returned without approval of Procurement. Procurement is responsible for all adjustments with suppliers and claims against carriers.
    • Departments are asked not to return items purchased through Procurement directly to vendors, but rather through the Procurement Department. Adherence to this procedure will permit the Procurement Department to properly document returned goods, and assures credit to the appropriate accounts. The following procedures are used to return an item to a vendor:
      1. Complete a "Return to Vendor" form and forward it to the Procurement Department.
      2. The Procurement Department will conduct the necessary coordination with the vendor and carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). The Department returning the item(s) will be responsible for the shipping costs if the item(s) is to be returned due to the fault of the University. The vendor is responsible for shipping costs if the item(s) is returned due to no fault of the University.
      3. The Procurement Department will coordinate with Accounts Payable so that the payment process can be addressed.
      4. The Procurement Department will coordinate with Property Control to pick up the item(s) to be returned.
      5. Your department must complete the repackaging of the item(s) as needed and have it available for pickup.  Note: Damaged and/or non-conforming items are to be noted in the comment section of the Receiving Report.

    • Items that are initially inspected in the Receiving Section and are found to be damaged or they do not conform to the Purchase Order specifications will not be accepted. The requesting department will be notified. The goods are held in the Receiving Section and the Procurement Department will be notified immediately. Procurement will make the necessary vendor contacts and advise the Receiving Section of the disposition of the damaged/ non-conforming goods (i.e. mail back to vendor, hold for vendor pick-up, etc.). The Procurement Department will confirm all vendor contacts in writing.