Purchasing Card Acquistions

Equipment bought with the MSU Purchasing Card and received on campus must be reported to the Property Control Department and logged into the "Card Reporting System".

All single items having a dollar value of $500.00 or more must receive a State of Maryland/ MSU Bar Code Number. All single items considered to be sensitive (computers, servers, laptops and Palm Pilot type computers) must receive a bar code number when the dollar amount is $250.00 or greater. Weapons of any type, regardless of the price, are required to be bar coded. All other items not meeting the above criteria must receive a "State of Maryland/ Morgan State University" Property Tag. Copies of all receipts should be sent to the Tagging Unit via fax (443.885.8368) or by interdepartmental mail to the Property Control Department's Tagging Unit, located in the Washington Service Center, Room 100. An appointment will be scheduled by the Tagging Unit to affix the proper tag to your equipment.