Procedures for Receiving Property

Purchase of New Equipment (except data/ word processing)
Any property with a value of $500 must be either physically tagged or engraved. Property Control will do this on a scheduled basis. All audio-visual and/or data processing equipment requiring engraving must be fully tested and approved for acceptance by the assigned department prior to actually being engraved. Defective equipment that has been engraved generally cannot be returned for credit. Please allow time for testing and engraving in any plans for acquiring equipment.

Gifts and Donations
Gifts do not become University property until receipt of an official acceptance letter by the President. After this is obtained, Finance and Management will notify the Property Control Department in writing of acceptance. Gifts left at the University prior to acceptance approval must be reported to Property Control as being "on loan". The tagging, engraving and inventorying of accepted gifts will be handled through Property Control.

  1. Donors will correspond with the department that is being offered the gift providing the value  and appropriate descriptive information. Values indicated must be supported with evidence of the method used to determine the value (appraisal, purchase price, etc.).
  2. The department head, with the concurrence of their Vice President, will write a letter to the President describing how the gift will benefit the University and requesting that the gift be accepted. Included with this letter should be a draft of a letter of acceptance and thanks to the donor for the President's signature.
  3. If in agreement, the President will send the letter to the donor with copies to the Vice President for Finance and Management (VPFM) and the appropriate Vice President.
  4. For donations of equipment, the VPFM will follow up relative to inventory and other related requirements, e.g., arranging to receive the donation.
  5. For monetary donations, the VPFM will assure that deposits are made to the appropriate account(s) and provide related information to the parties concerned.

Surplus Property Purchases
In order to purchase property from the Maryland State Agency for Surplus Property, and authorization card must be obtained, in advance, from the Procurement Department. Upon return of the card to Procurement, a list containing make, model, serial number, price, location, and contact person must be submitted to Procurement. At the same time, arrangements for the tagger/engraver of qualified equipment can be made with the Inventory Control Department. Failure to provide such a listing can result in a suspension of a department's card privileges.

Loaned Equipment
Any equipment on loan to the University from a non-State agency for official use should be reported immediately to Property Control. The University carries no insurance that would cover the loss of loaned equipment. Any losses would be the responsibility of the using department. This should be kept in mind when accepting loan equipment.

If a department wishes to temporarily loan any equipment (e.g., typewriter, calculator, etc.) to another department, it is the responsibility of the department to complete a PCAR, which indicates the description of equipment loaned, termination date of the loan, and the department to which it was loaned. The completed form must be sent to Property Control with the Department Head or Property/ Accountable Officers signatures for both the lending department and the receiving departments; department property records may then be updated to reflect the loan. Responsibility and accountability of such property rests with the lending department. When the equipment is returned to the lending department, the Department Head (or Property/ Accountable Officers) must advise Property Control of the building and room number in which the equipment is now located so that the property records can be updated.

Excess Property
Excess Property may only be turned-in by Accountable Officers that are authorized to use the EPCN (Excess Property Control Network) Process. All departments must contact their Property/ Accountable Officer when there is excess property to be disposed of before notifying the Property Control Office. Authorized Property/ Accountable Officers have attended a training session conducted by the Property Control Office and have been given a State of Maryland authorization number.

If you are a Property/ Accountable Officer and have not attended an EPCN class, contact the Property Control Office, extension 3114. Property Control will inform you when the next training class is scheduled or provide a one-on-one training session for you.

The Excess Property Control Network (EPCN) is the only authorized process for disposing of excess State/ University Fixed Assets. The State has made this reporting system mandatory.

Word/ Data Processing Equipment
The purchasing of new DP equipment should be coordinated through Information Services. Once delivered, an inspection and testing must be done prior to the equipment being tagged and/or engraved. After this tagging/ engraving has been completed, the equipment can be delivered to its user. The pre-acceptance testing will prevent the engraving of incorrect, damaged, or defective equipment, which could prevent returning it to the vendor.

Purchasing Card Users Procedures
When using the Purchasing Card Menu screens, cardholders will input departmental responsibility for equipment and fixed assets purchased by selecting the appropriate department (where the items will be housed) from a drop down window. Correct entries should also be made for the Contact Person and the Building and Room on the same screen. For inventory purposes, equipment and furniture that costs over $500 or sensitive items that costs over $250 (i.e. computers, servers, laptops, palm pilots and weapons) are recorded here.