Procedures for Movement of Property

General Guidelines
All transactions involving property require the submission of a properly filled out and signed Property Control Action Request Form (PCAR) to Property Control prior to any action being taken.

  1. A complete PCAR Form is required prior to an interdepartmental transfer or a report of theft of property, etc. The PCAR Form may be obtained from the Property Control Office. Once the form is filled out, it may be faxed (ext. 8368) back to Property Control.
  2. The scheduler in Property Control will assign a date and contact the requesting department to inform them of the date for the relocation property move. Please give consideration as to timing and allow for processing and other moves when planning and requesting your move(s).

Moves Requiring the Moving Crew (Property/ Supplies)
To execute the moves of property and equipment, PCAR signed by the department head must be completed and sent to Property Control. Property Control will make the necessary update of the inventory record. Instructions for preparing the Moving Request Form are provided. Equipment must not be moved until the Property Control Section approves it. Approval will not be given if all of the required information is not listed on the PCAR. This information must include the old and new location, the department(s) involved, barcode inventory control numbers, item descriptions, and the authorized signatures. Incomplete forms may cause delays. The PCAR Form(s) for small moves (less than a department) must be submitted and received by Property Control five (5) working days prior to the date needed. The PCAR Form(s) for larger moves (full department) must be submitted and received by Property Control ten (10) working days prior to the date needed.

Off-Campus Repairs
When departments have individual pieces of furniture or equipment in need of repair, the following steps should be taken:

  1. In coordination with Property Control, furniture/ equipment will be picked up from the using department.
  2. The using department should determine if there is an existing contract for the repair of furniture, if so they should contact the designated vendor. If there is no contract, Procurement should be contacted.
  3. The department is responsible for notifying Property Control of where and for how long a piece of furniture or equipment will be away for repair.
  4. The department is responsible for notifying Property Control of where and for how long a piece of furniture or equipment will be away for repair.

    NOTE: Please note that broken furniture or equipment should not be sent to the Physical Plant for repair.

Off-Campus Use/ Property Pass
Permission to take property off campus is generally limited to the faculty and staff for use only on Official University business. Off-campus personal use is prohibited. It is the responsibility of the department head to maintain a copy of a Property Pass approved by the Procurement and Property Control Department signifying permission. The Pass should include a description of equipment, i.e. model number, serial number, tag number, etc., the starting date of the property pass and when the equipment is to be returned. The department's responsible Accountable Officer must be informed when an item on his/ her TBM300 is being authorized to be taken off-campus.

Authorization to remove equipment from campus will be given only when the requesting department, up to and including, the Vice President, Director of Procurement and Property Control and the Inventory Control Manager signs the property pass. Property Control will distribute the necessary copies of the property pass once it has received the original signed document.

An employee must be able to produce, on demand, the equipment that has been taken off campus. It is the responsibility of the head of the department and the Property Officer to ensure that all equipment is returned to the campus prior to an employee's separation. Upon notification of termination, resignation, etc., Property Control will provide a list of property that the employee is responsible for.

The procedures described above for faculty and staff applies to students permitted to use University-owned equipment. Items assigned for use in an academic context such as musical instruments are subject to the individual department's guidelines.

It is important to note that in all cases the borrower accepts responsibility for the security of the equipment and is responsible for any damage incurred.

Small Asset Tracking Form (PPCO 07 [8/01])
Same as Off-Campus Property Pass except used only with Laptops and Palm Pilot type computers. (See Appendix F)

Transfers Between Departments
A permanent move of equipment between departments should be reported to the Property Control Department prior to the actual transfer. A PCAR, listing the inventory control numbers, item descriptions, old and new locations, and the involved department(s) along with the appropriate signatures should be sent to Property Control. The Property/ Accountable Officers must sign the form prior to its submission to Property Control Department. For more details, see General Guidelines, page 15.