Miscellaneous Guidelines

Privately Owned Property
The University is not responsible for any privately owned property (i.e., books, clothes, computers, or radios) brought on campus and used by any member of a department. The University carries no insurance that would cover the loss of privately owned property regardless of the cause.

This property should be identified with "Do Not Inventory" labels during a physical inventory.

Classroom Furniture
Classroom furniture (i.e., tablet-arm chairs, lecterns, instructor chairs, etc.) is to remain in their respective rooms. If there is insufficient tablet-arm chairs or lecterns in a classroom, the Property/ Accountable Officer is to be contacted. He/ she will contact Property Control to make the necessary arrangements for transferring furniture.

Stolen or Missing Property
Stolen of missing property and equipment must be reported to the University Police immediately. The University Police will conduct a thorough investigation and issue a theft report. This report should include the property tag number, any serial numbers, and an accurate description of the property. The department's Accountable Officer must report the stolen inventory items to Property Control by submitting a completed PCAR. Inventory deletions of stolen or missing equipment cannot be made unless a theft report and a PCAR are generated. It is imperative that thefts and missing property be reported promptly and accurately.

University Clearance
The clearance process is a University procedure managed by Human Resources. When an individual retires, resigns or is terminated, he/ she is required to walk-thru a Clearance Process Sheet. The signing of the Clearance Process Sheet by the Property Control Department representative informs Human Resources that the person has returned all required State property.

Forms Availability
The Property Control Department maintains forms that are of general usage by the University Community. For a list of the forms maintained at the Property Control Department, see Appendix "D".

Specific departmental forms must be ordered from the University Print Shop. Before seeking outside printers, all departments are required to contact the University Print Shop first.