Identification of Property

  1. Tagged Items
    Any Fixed Asset (item $500 or greater) or sensitive item ($250 or greater) will be tagged with an adhesive barcode label. This label will carry a unique identification number and barcode along with the words "Property of the State of Maryland, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY". Under no circumstances should this tag be mutilated or removed. Property and equipment, which is considered as non-capital, will not be tagged with a barcode label; however, it will be tagged with a label identifying it as "Property of the State of Maryland, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY".

  2. Non-Tagged Items
    Certain property, while meeting the $500 limit, by its very nature or the circumstances of its use cannot be tagged. In these cases a "Property of the State of Maryland, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY" property tag label will mark the item. In cases such as this, the item's serial number, if applicable, will be recorded. This serial number should be listed in all correspondences. Certain other property such as a musical instrument or an anatomical model, which cannot be tagged, will likewise be carried on the computerized inventory data system and where possible will be engraved with the words "Property of the State of Maryland, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY" and the tag number.

  3. Grant Property
    Grant Property purchase orders will have budget account codes beginning with the numbers 4 or 5, which is assigned and/or approved by General Accounting. The Principal Investigator must notify Property Control of Grant Property acquired.

  4. Engraved Items
    Property Control personnel will engrave certain items with the corresponding State of Maryland, MORGAN STATE UNIVERSITY property tag number. This number should be referenced in all correspondence regarding the item. In no case should this number be removed or defaced without prior permission from the Inventory Control Section.

  5. Foundation- Supported Departments
    In order to ensure proper inventory control and proper labeling, all property and equipment purchased with funds from the Morgan State University Foundation must be received in the Washington Service Center. In addition, departments are not permitted to pick up items from a vendor.