University Insurance Program

The State of Maryland provides insurance protection for Morgan State University employees who are involved in accidents while carrying out their duties as State employees. Such coverage includes personal liability, automobile insurance, fidelity bonding and various other coverage. State insurance does not provide coverage for theft of State or personal property of employees, guests or students.

Persons involved in accidents with a University vehicle while conducting University business should contact the University Motor Pool. A formal report (FS-1) must be completed immediately upon return to the campus and submitted to the Motor Pool Supervisor. If the incident occurred after regular working hours, the University Police Department should be contacted. Persons involved in job-related injuries should see the Human Resources section of this brochure.

Insurance programs, with the exception of Student Health Insurance, are administered by the University Business Manager who serves as liaison with the State Treasurer's Office - Insurance Division. Please direct all insurance inquires to Business Services and Auxiliary Enterprises.