The K.U.U.M.B.A. Program at Morgan State University (MSU) was created in an effort to address the needs of many young people who are ill-prepared for life's challenges. K.U.U.M.B.A., which is Swahili for creativity, is an acronym for Kreating Unity Utilizing Morgan and Baltimore Adolescents. With input from Morgan State University students, youth in secondary schools, parents, teachers, and concerned community residents, the Office of Community Service brought what started as an idea to fruition. The primary goal of this program is to work with adolescents between the ages of 10 and 14. Our belief is that by improving the educational performance of adolescents through socially enriching activities and strong mentor/mentee relationships, we can also develop the life survival skills of youth and reduce youth violence, delinquency, and truancy.      

The K.U.U.M.B.AProgram's mission is to raise the academic levels of youth by affording them continuing exposure to the University's environment. In this setting the program participants will be provided with the opportunity to see, hear, and interact with an expanded pool of role models who are responsive to the needs and concerns of the community youth both academically and socially. The mission will be achieved by addressing the following:

1. Increase the academic success of adolescents between the ages of 10 and 14 by providing them with effective study skills and activities in the areas of Reading, Math, and Critical Thinking.

2.  Increase the life survival skills, conflict resolution skills, and peer resistance skills of adolescents by providing information that they may not be aware of through individual and group activities.

3.  Expose K.U.U.M.B.A. participants to positive role models and atmospheres in the community through informational forums, taking field trips and involving them in community service projects.

4.  Increase the learning and leadership development skills of Morgan State University students by providing them with training and mentoring opportunities that help to better themselves and those with whom they come in contact.

The K.U.U.M.B.AProgram is housed on the campus of Morgan State University. As a University program, K.U.U.M.B.A. receives ongoing support from faculty and staff from numerous offices and departments such as The McKeldin Center, athletic department, campus police, counseling center, communications, art, music, dance, theater, student activities, psychology, education, social work, abuse center, infirmary, various dormitories and the facilities on campus, K.U.U.M.B.A.'s participants are exposed to a variety of possible career opportunities and role models at the University.

In addition to providing close involvement with Morgan State University's faculty members, the K.U.U.M.B.A. participants also come in contact with highly motivated university students including their counselors. Facilities at the University such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, athletic fields, classrooms, theater, and computer labs, are made available to the K.U.U.M.B.A. participants at certain times throughout the year.

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