JAHOD, Journey through Academic Hurdles Otherwise Distant, is a volunteer mentoring program housed on the campus of Morgan State University. The mentors of this program are women who genuinely have interest in bettering the community and are aiding in the educational advancement of "at risk" youths. They are also recognized as distinguished scholars of the University who are on a mission to suppress the astronomical Baltimore City high school drop-out rate, eradicate the occurrence of unproductive, risky female behavior and encourage the quest for higher education. JAHOD mentees are transformed into proficient female leaders due to the intense and incomparable support they received from their mentors.

The program's focus will be to (1) produce academically motivated females; (2) prepare adolescent females for an effortless transition into the real world; and (3) develop females who will take the initiative to help change the poor conditions of their immediate community. The mentors will ensure that these goals are addressed by becoming a support system for the participants' educational, societal and emotional issues.
The purpose of JAHOD is to exhibit an atmosphere that promotes finer womanhood for Baltimore City High School females. The mentors are responsible for demonstrating such character for themselves and their mentees. JAHOD also acknowledges that a successful mentoring program builds close relationships and most importantly, lasting relationships. One of the most significant focuses of the mentors is to help their mentees succeed in life.

Five Points of JAHOD: The philosophy of JAHOD is founded upon five characteristics that attribute to the production of a well polished woman. The ideals are referred to as The Five Points of JAHOD which are, alphabetically, beauty, ethics, social responsibility, strength and wisdom.

  • Beauty is achieved by cultivating the minds of young women. The program participants will become appreciative of the fine arts as well as receptive to grooming, self esteem and etiquette.
  • Ethics are instilled by educating young women on the virtuous principles and fine mannerism which they should align themselves with in order to become a well rounded person. The mentees will also receive an awareness of the value of integrity and how it is measured through their actions and demeanor.
  • Social Responsibility will be implemented in the JAHOD program by providing genuine community service tasks. The program participants must also be law abiding and respectful to other members of society. The importance of toleration of all people is also incorporated in the JAHOD program.
  • Strength will be acquired through the teachings of motivation, courage, and power. A leading woman can achieve all things if she has the apt mentality. She must have inspiration that pushes her to create goals. She must have courage to nurture the desire of taking action. Lastly, power, which can be mental or physical,
    • Wisdom institutes the becoming of an analytical and critical thinker. Whether it is in an educational environment, or real life situations, young women of JAHOD will learn the fundamentals of solving various problems they incur.
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