Dynamic Diva's

Dynamic Divas: Dynamic Divas' is an after school mentoring program designed to help instill academic success, leadership skills, self-motivation, and to explore the inner (hidden) talents that may set futuristic goals in young girls. Together the mentors will help young girls realize their self-worth and the love for one's self.  Dynamic Divas' is a program that will help young girls in areas such as education, leadership, inner beauty, health, self-creativity, and many more. The young girls will participate in many programs that will have them activate and express their creative feelings. The Dynamic Divas' program will be conducted throughout the school year, meeting twice a week after school.


  • To promote self-esteem
  • To help create a positive self-image
  • To build leadership skills
  • To educate the young girls about their inner beauty and health
  • To promote self-creativity
  • To help the young girls in the community come together as one

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