English as a Second Language Program

Morgan State University’s Program in English as a Second Language:

Culture and Language Immersion Focused on You

MSU classroom

The ESL Program at Morgan State University consists of three interrelated components: language instruction, cultural immersion and educational field experiences. The program’s foundational aim is to increase students’ oral and written proficiency in standard American English. This is accomplished through classroom and laboratory based education in spaces designated for ESL instruction. However, our programs extend beyond the conventional classroom. We immerse our students in the English language through the study of American and African-American popular culture that includes a series of lectures, workshops, and excursions.  This communicative approach is proven to reinforce language instruction by emphasizing meaningful speech, vocabulary acquisition and oral communication over simple content mastery. Our programs reach past our community’s vicinity to take full advantage of our geographic proximity to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.  This method gives international students critical context for understanding American culture and integrating into the University community. We are focused on culture and language immersion: we journey with our students as they delve into cultural events at the University, throughout the city of Baltimore and beyond.

For more information, contact Professor Elizabeth Gunn, email: elizabeth.gunn@morgan.edu, telephone: 443-885-1980.