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The ESL Program at Morgan State University consists of three interrelated components: language instruction, cultural immersion and educational field experiences. The program’s foundational aim is to increase students’ oral and written proficiency in standard American English. This is accomplished through classroom and laboratory based education in spaces designated for ESL instruction. However, our programs extend beyond the conventional classroom. We immerse our students in the English language through the study of American and African-American popular culture that includes a series of lectures, workshops, and excursions.  This communicative approach is proven to reinforce language instruction by emphasizing meaningful speech, vocabulary acquisition and oral communication over simple content mastery. Students from a number of countries including Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, Italy, and, Saudi Arabia, have received instruction in Morgan’s ESL Program.

Academic Program Levels

There are 7 levels of ESL instruction, ranging from classes to serve those with no English skills to classes for those with advanced skills. 

The program offers the following courses based on participants’ TOEFL scores:

ESL Beginning Literacy (Level 1)ESL Students in Class

ESL Beginning Low (Level 2)

ESL Beginning High (Level 3)

ESL Intermediate Low (Level 4)

ESL Intermediate High (Level 5)

ESL Advanced Low (Level 6)

ESL Advanced High (Level 7)

Regular programming for the Baltimore community and beyond includes all 7 levels of ESL listed above as well as:

  •       English for specific purposes (nursing, health professions, business, government, sciences, engineering, etc)
  •       Conversation
  •       Customized programs
  •       Online programs available 24/7
  •       TOEFL preparation
  •       Additional programming available

Additional information about the 7 ESL Program levels may be found in the link below.

ESL Level Descriptions

Cultural Immersion

ESL StudentsOur programs reach past our community’s vicinity to take full advantage of our geographic proximity to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City.  This method gives international students critical context for understanding American culture and integrating into the University community. We are focused on culture and language immersion: we journey with our students as they delve into cultural events at the University, throughout the city of Baltimore and beyond. Cultural excursions are an integral part of the ESL learning experience and among the cultural venues that the students and their iPals have visited are the High Zero Music Festival, Kinetic Sculpture Race, Lancaster County, P.A., Maryland Science Center, National Aquarium, and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

Social Media

  • Visit our ESL Program Facebook Page for a albums and descriptions of Program events including orientations, cultural immersion trips, iPal Program collaboration, classroom events and certificate ceremonies, among many others.
  • Visit our ESL Program Blog for students’ perspectives on the Program and their experiences (food, travel, etc) in the United States.

Additional information about Cultural Immersion activities and the iPal Program may be found in the link below.

Cultural Immersion

Program Costs and Fees

Academic Program Costs

The academic costs for the ESL Program are based upon several factors which include the number of classroom hours, the out-of-state undergraduate rate, room, board and insurance.  For example, the out-of-state rate per credit hour of instruction for the fall 2014 through the Summer 2015 is $ 644 (tuition and fees).  The ESL tuition and fees cover the cost of the teacher(s), textbooks, software, and other miscellaneous costs.  There are additional costs for room, board insurance and cultural immersion. The program costs for ESL students who enroll during the fall through summer 2014 – 2015 year are as follows: 

Term Course Room and Board Insurance Cultural Immersion Total Costs
Fall 2014 $15,756 $5,940 $238 $700 $22,634
Winter 2015 $885 $885
Spring 2015 $15,756 $5,940 $238 $700 $22,634
Summer 2015b $8,672 $3,380 $100 $700 $12,852


All students must pay for the ESL course.  However, students may elect not to live on campus; therefore, they would not pay for room and board.  Students may opt out of insurance if they have proof of existing insurance.  Proof of insurance must be provided to the University prior to the start of class or the student will be charged for University provided insurance automatically.  It is highly recommended that all students participate (on or off campus) in cultural immersion as it is an integral part of the ESL program and increases the retention of language skills and cultural understanding.  Students who opt out of the cultural immersion will not be able to participate in class outings. 

Students who are attending the fall and spring terms will be charge an additional room and board fee to cover their room and board charges during the winter session.  Any student who enters the dorm prior to the start of the term or remains in the dorm after the end of a term will be charged $25 for room and $26 for board for each day you are in the dorm.   Each student receives a University issued ID card and has full access to all University supported programs (i.e. sporting events and extracurricular activities) and operations (i.e. Library). 

Cultural Immersion Program Costs

The cultural immersion program costs covers the costs related to travel and admission to cultural immersions venues. Cost may include transportation, admission tickets, associated costs for the iPAL program, and meals (when traveling), Costs for cultural immersion can also vary by the size of the cohort of students enrolled during the year.  




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English as a Second Language Program

Morgan State University's English as a Second Language Program provides intensive English language instuction for speakers of other languages during the summer session.


Cultural Immersion

Baltimore's vibrant cultural life offer many opportunities for social and educational excursions.